We have a team of agile PPC experts managing high budget global campaigns, specializing in e-commerce and B2B. Our experience includes a variety of industries – including fashion, e-commerce, beauty, startups, finance, real estate and more.

We focus our media acquisition efforts on ROI and programmatic campaigns. We choose the right platforms, messages, audiences and media buying methods to execute a well-thought media plan, tailored to reach your specific KPI’s. As the campaign goes live, we keep in mind the different touchpoints along the customer’s journey and perform continuous optimization to reach more end clients’ segments.

Being one of the sole certified GMP (Google Marketing Platforms) Sales Partner in Israel, we are constantly evolving, practicing cross-channel and cross-platforms Programmatic RTM methods. We get to try exclusive beta versions of Google’s tools and enjoy their customer services along with those of Facebook, Outbrain, Taboola, Twitter and Linkedin.

These are some of our platforms and tools:
Google Ads, Adwords and Display & Video 360 | Facebook & Instagram (including facebook video) | Youtube | Taboola | Outbrain | ALX | Twitter | Linkedin | Mobium | Bing Ads

We are also able to offer paid media training on a range of platforms through Jellyfish Training.