As one of the sole GMP (Google Marketing Platforms) Sales Partners in Israel, we are able to offer this advanced analytics and optimization service. You can think of GMP as the big sister of Google Analytics, designed especially for enterprises. With it, you can generate insights based on real time meta-data.

GMP integrates with all of Google’s measurement and targeting tools, helping your marketing and analytic team reach your business objectives. Its exclusive features will allow you to get a better understanding of the cross platforms customer journey, the ability to target the right audiences at the right touchpoints, and increase conversions.

In order to become a certified GMP Sales Partner we participate in workshops and professional training, constantly working so that we may offer Google’s premium analytics platform to selected partners, as well as provide our expert analytics advice and support. So with a GMP license, you get Google’s top-notch customer service – and ours too. We also offer Google Marketing Platform Training via Jellyfish Training.