Bye Bye

Sunday, 21st of July, 2019

We can’t hold it in anymore, and we can finally share our amazing news with you: Jellyfish starts its adventure in Israel and they have chosen us to be their TLV extension!

This has nothing to do with the Jellyfish flooding the shores of Israel lately, we swear. The Jellyfish we are referring to is Google’s #1 Partner, a global digital journeys expert company with 23 offices around the world. Supporting partners like Spotify, eBay, Disney, Asos and many more, they offer a unique blend of agency services, technology, consultancy, and training. 

Their arrival to Israel means Perelview, your full-stack digital marketing agency, is joining Jellyfish and growing into your very own global partner for everything digital. With over 700 passionate individuals all around the world, who are experts in the digital marketing playground, we now offer you an even wider support through your digital journey.

We are so excited to enter the gates of the world’s biggest boutique digital partner, providing you with international, wider tools and services. 

Putting our love for shawarma aside; our passionate approach to the digital field, and our uncompromising desire to take our partners to the next level are part of the things that drew Jellyfish and us together. Starting our way as Perelview in 2005, when we consisted of 3 elements: Maya Perelman, Roni Perelman and their vision, we envisioned our growth as a reinforcement of our beliefs. Therefore, we see our integration with Jellyfish as a natural step in our evolution, sharing the same values and holistic approach. 

Looking forward to see what the future has in store for us,

Perelview; that is… Jellyfish 😉 

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